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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hunting over bait?

You bet. I've been putting out a little cat kibble most nights, right behind my shop. The dish is empty every time I check it so I know the critters are coming around regularly. The bowl was even knocked off the ledge today after I left it empty for a couple days, so I think the critters are getting used to the ready food supply and will be coming around for a free meal often-

Right up until I kill them.

This weekend I rigged up a remote motion sensor above the feeding station and put lhe light inside the shop where I can see it while waiting inside where it is warm. Now when the thieves arrive at the feeder, even if they sneak in the back way, I'll know it. I hope I have a couple carcasses to dispose of before the week is over.

Then I can put out some bird seed and suet cakes for my feather friends.

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